Sunday, 17 May

1300-1700 SSA Dynamic Power Supply Transmitter Design
Half-day, Sponsor(s): N/A  
Organizer(s): Dr. Earl McCune

Monday, 18 May

1300-1700 SMA Near field probes: useful tools for RF/MW engineers
Half-day, Sponsor(s): N/A
Organizer(s): Prof. Arturo Mediano

0800-1700 SMB Theory and Design of Phase Locked Loops
Full-day, Sponsor(s): N/A
Organizer(s): Dr. Lama Dayaratna, Dr. Peter White et al.

Friday, 22 May

0800-1200 SFA A Hands-on Approach to Spectrum Regulation for Innovative Microwave Engineers      
Half-day, Sponsor(s): MTT-20 Wireless Communications
Organizer(s): Dr. Michael J. Marcus
0800-1700 SFB The Dynamics, Bifurcation, and Practical Stability Analysis/Design of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits and Networks
Full-day, Sponsor(s): MTT-16 Microwave Systems
Organizer(s):Prof. Almudena Suárez and Dr. Christopher P. Silva

0800-1200 SFC Flexible 5G mmWave Waveform Testbed and Active Device Characterization
Half-day, Sponsor(s): N/A
Organizer(s): Mr. Jungik Suh, Mr. Greg Jue and Mr. Suren Singh