Download the RF Bootcamp Flyer

The International Microwave Symposium (IMS) has a long tradition of educating attendees through workshops, short courses, technical sessions, and other formats.  The majority of the technical programs at IMS are aimed at engineers already working in the microwave industry, with many sessions focused on specific topics.  In recent years, the idea has been discussed to add a new session to IMS which would provide an introduction to RF basics, targeting newcomers to the microwave world, such as new engineers fresh out of school, engineers changing their career path, and college students looking to gain practical experience.  In 2015, the IMS in Phoenix will feature a new session to address this need – RF Boot Camp.  The organizers intent is that RF Boot Camp will become an annual event that evolves along with our dynamic industry.

The format of the RF Boot Camp is similar to that of a workshop or short course, with multiple presenters from industry and academia presenting on a variety of topics including:  

  • Network Analysis
  • Modular Instruments
  • Signal Generation and Analysis
  • RF Simulation Fundamentals
  • Impedance Matching Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Simulation-Based GaN PA Design
  • Understanding Basic RF Analog Receiver Design and Analysis.

RF Boot Camp will be a three-quarter day course and will be held on Wednesday, May 20.  To provide the best possible experience, registered attendees will have the opportunity to visit the vendor exhibit hall after the course, as well as attend that evening’s industry hosted reception.  In addition to presentations and discussions, test equipment will be on hand for demonstrations and visualization.

Given the limited space available for this session, you are encouraged to register early to ensure that a seat is available.  These sessions are designed to be interactive, so come prepared to engage the presenters and your other colleagues in the audience with questions and discussions to gain the greatest value from these sessions.  Check back here for updated information.  We look forward to meeting you in Phoenix.